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The Shannon Defiance 46 Difference

Fuel Economy Walt Schulz’s patented revolutionary SRD hull design gives the Defiance 46 better fuel economy and longer range than comparable sized motor yachts. (U.S. Patent #6,994,049 and #7,225,752)

Comfort: The SRD hull shape produces an amazingly stable and comfortable ride with exquisite steering characteristics – even in extreme sea conditions.

Performance: The SRD hull design does not requiring a lot of horsepower to reach planing speed (unlike deep vee hulls) AND does not pound uncomfortably at top end speeds (unlike semi-displacement hulls). The Defiance 46 runs beautifully at 7 knots, 14 knots and 21 knots which is very unusually in a power boat.

Protection The slightly concave aft sections of the Defiance 46 hull provides total protection for the props, shafts and rudders. The hull and keel are deeper than the running gear so unlike other power boats a grounding is not catastrophic

Safety – Engine room vents The sleek and sculpted curved aft cowls on the Defiance 46 are there for more than aesthetics – they are open in front to induct air into the engine room. On most power boats the engine vents are located on the side of the hull – this is a disaster waiting to happen when sea water in a rolling sea situation overwhelms the engine room vent baffles and pours into the engine room. Putting the vents up high on the deck rather than low in the hull is much safer.

Safety – Side decks, swim platform, dinghy storage and doors On most power boats, maneuvers such as docking, anchoring, and mooring/storing/launching a dinghy is perilous because of narrow side decks, a wide raised aft deck and engine boxes, low or no bow rails, no side door for the helmsman, and no transom door leading to a swim platform. The Defiance 46 has them all, and walking around the boat will show how much safer it is move around to dock, anchor, moor and use your tender.

Safety – Visibility The helmsman of the Defiance 46 has unobstructed 360 degree visibility, unlike other power boats that have hazardous blind spots that compromise safety.

American Construction Asian and Third World boatbuilders take advantage of slightly less direct labor costs but the trade-off is shoddy workmanship, increased transportation expenses, and inferior materials from local suppliers. The Defiance 46 is built by the New England craftsmen of Shannon Boat Company using the best material and components available. Shannon is recognized as America’s premier builder of sail and motor yachts and has been under the uninterrupted direction of Walt Schulz since 1975.

Custom to order and Innovation For 4 decades Shannon has developed a critical path project management process to incorporate all the custom requests of every owner and to accurately and productively build the boat exactly as the owner wants. There are no additional charges for interior layout changes as happens at production boat manufacturers because they do not use this Shannon process, and no long delays besides the exorbitant up-charges during construction as happens at small boat yards. Shannon can more cost effectively complete a finely detailed custom-to-order yacht than any other boat builder in the world. Listening to owners’ request fosters innovation and the development of new solutions. There is no better example of Shannon innovation than the 3PROP system on Defiance 46 #1.

Customer Service No boat company in the world takes better care of owners than Shannon . Buying a Shannon provides instant membership into one of the most exclusive clubs in yachting with total support provided by the Shannon people anywhere in the world. This is not altruism but good business. The only potential negative thing about owning a Shannon is the amount of attention a Shannon receives from others as Shannons are appreciated by knowledgeable boaters everywhere in the world. We cannot afford to have one owner say any less than his boat is the best in the world and the company has stood behind it totally for as long as he has owned it.