February 5, 2015 marked the 40th anniversary of the start of Shannon Boat Company in Rhode Island by Walt Schulz, right here in Bristol. The constants here at Shannon for four decades have been uncompromising bullet-proof quality, unsurpassed custom-to-order craftsmanship, unparalleled owner service and constant product improvement. Now, it's with great pleasure that we are announcing that we are refocusing the Shannon to the needs of all our Shannon owners and their vessels.

After carefully analyzing the current marine industry conditions, even though we still have people that want new Shannons, we have found it can be more cost effective for new buyers to purchase "Virtually New Shannons"--complete refits of our older fleet brought to 2015 standards and rebuilt to last until the next century. We will take an existing Shannon hull, deck and interior and build a new Shannon from the gelcoat to the smallest detail to create a vessel that is "brand new" by every definition of the word, and for a fraction of the cost of a new Shannon.

We will also work with current owners who are interested in modifications or complete refits and naturally, classic wood boat restoration will also be an integral part of our activity. Heading up this new division will be long time employee, Tom Quinlan along with the experienced Shannon people who have created the most sophisticated and complicated yachts built anywhere in the world. Our crew fully understands how a boat, any sail or powerboat, was originally designed and built "what's behind the behind", how systems are designed and installed, what parts are reliable and how to get things done right.


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Offered for sale now is Walt Schulz's latest classic wood boat restoration - a perfect re-creation of Ernest Hemingway's 1934 Pilar, a 38 foot Wheeler. Pilar has been painstakingly rebuilt to new boat condition using 21st Century methods and technologically advanced materials to remain maintenance free in years to come. Can be equipped for charters, harbor tours, day fishing charters, etc. All proceeds from the sale of Pilar will be donated to The Shannon River Marine Heritage Foundation and is tax deductible.Call Bill Ramos at 401 639 9075 for more details.

Also listed for sale is Walt Schulz's personal boat, Shannon 38 SRD Red Rabbit. See the complete listings on both boats at or call Bill 401-639-9075

"CAPT. MORGAN IS AT THE HELM" by David Liscio Reprint from SAILING, February 2009
Actor Morgan Freeman talks about his sailng experiences on his Shannon 38 and Shannon 43

One of the most widely read and respected sialing authors gives a review of Shannon in an excerpt from the book

DESIGN REVIEW: Shannon 53HPS, by Charles Mason, Executive Editor NEW SAILBOATS REVIEW, 2010


"SHANNON 53HPS: SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW" A review by Editor-At-Large and "Boat of the Year" judge Tim Murphy CRUISING WORLD

"SHANNON 53HPS: POWER STRUGGLE" Excerpts from SAILING, February 2010, by Heather Steinberger (PDF)

"SHANNON BUILDS A BOAT FIT FOR A QUEEN" Reprint from Bristol Phoenix, January 23, 2007

"CHOOSING MY PRIDE AND JOY" by Bruce Burman. Reprint from "Cruising", Magazine of the Cruising Association

2009 Shannon 53 HPS "MOONTIDE I" FOR SALE

"It's All About Getting There and Being There".....The Shannon 53HPS gets you there fast and in comfort with inside and outside steering stations, and innovative patented shoal draft hull design for speed under power or sail. And when you have arrived at your destination, enjoy the fine amenities, enormous interior spaces, full height sliding doors from the owners' cabin to the aft lounge deck, and raised deck saloon.

A new solution to the traditional motorsailer. Twin 110hp.diesels. The 53HPS sails away from conventional cruising sailboats and powers past conventional displacement trawlers at 10 knots. 4’9” draft, only 64’ mast height.Roller furling booms and headsails,electric winches. Completely equipped.

The owner of Shannon 53 HPS Hull #1 MoonTide, had a Shannon 55 HPS built, MoonTide II

Shannon recent upgrade. R.I. $1,375,000

For more information on MoonTide I, please link to

or contact Bill Ramos by phone 401-253-2441 or email

Shannon 53 HPS

Shannon STec Technology, Inc.
STec Technology, Inc. is a division of Shannon Boat Company that has a highly trained team of employees experienced in building custom molds, tooling and engineering designs to build the new STec watercraft. Walter Schulz, founder and president, has patents a NEW water craft design using proven hydrofoil and surface effect technologies to achieve high speeds with comfort and fuel economy.

The Shannon 20' and 30' Amphfoils combine a hydrofoil design with surface effect technology to achieve speeds over 100 knots (111MPH). Imagine being able to fly a few feet on a cushion or air above the sea matter how rough the seas without any FAA regulations or aircraft pilot's license! The Shannon Amphfoil means amazing speed, comfort and pure unadultrated excitement. Stay tuned for more about the Shannon Amphfoil, with pictures and videos.

Thanks to all our investors in the Amphfoil project, we have been successsful in completing an Amphfoil prototype model, are in the process of sea trials, and plan to be in the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show in November. Anyone wishing more information about investing in the Amphfoil project, please contact Bill Ramos.

The New Shannon Amphfoil

Video: The Shannon Owners' Experience

Knowledgeable, experienced sailors know that foreign builders cannot compete with the excellence and the value offered by a quality American boat builder like Shannon. One of the most important reasons to buy an American built boat is that the same people who built the boat are available in person to deliver the boat to the new owner and to provide technical assistnce in all aspects of operating the new vessel. We have just completed a new DVD of the recent delivery and owner check-out of Shannon 53 HPS. You may watch the video below now, or request your own DVD from Read about the Shannon Owners' Experience more>

An American Company Since 1975
Very frequently we have Shannon owners and non-Shannon owners send us pictures of Shannons that they spot all over the globe. We try to put them up on our site or on our Facebook page whenever we can. Below are two videos already on YouTube of the Shannon 53 HPS that you may enjoy. Thanks guys, keep those photos coming!
Shannon 52 RDP
"Shannon 52 RDP "Miramar" owners Bill & Susan Forgione sailing in Oriental, North Carolina. Photo by Walter Abercrombie
Greg Souder 53HPS #4
Here's a beautiful photo taken on April 5 of Greg Souder enjoying an early Spring day on his Shannon 53 HPS, spotted by Marshall Tyler, another Shannon owner who was also on his Shannon. Marshall writes " It is spring in Oriental. Come visit anytime. This afternoon I spotted a very fine Shannon yacht heading north on the ICW at Lowlands, NC just before the Coast Guard station".

We love knowing where our Shannons are all over the world. Thanks Marshall for contributing to Shannon Spotters

Hard docking made easy with the twin screw Shannon 53 HPS

D.W. Hopkins, a friend of Shannon, shot this video of the Shannon 53 HPS with Bill Ramos behind the wheel while leaving a tight spot at the Annapolis Boat Show.

(Left top and bottom)

Photos of Shannon 53HPS at the Annapolis Sailboat Show .

contributed by John Leichty

Thanks, John!


We'll be updating our Facebook page Shannon Boat Company regularly with new photos and events here at Shannon. Our owners' album is filling up with gorgeous photographs received from Shannon passagemakers around the globe. We are proud to be building yachts that take our owners safely and comfortably to all the distant places they want to go. Check it out>