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Shannon Amphfoil®...A  New Breed of Watercraft


Designed and engineered by Walt Schulz, the international function and utility-patented Amphfoil (as opposed to design-patented) is the first and only water vessel that is able to travel in the water smoothly at zero to 25mph /0- 40.23 km using high-lift low-drag proprietary catamaran hulls; skim along the surface on hydrofoils between 25 to 50 mph/40.23-80.46 km;  and travel in surface effect (a cushion of air) between 50-100+ mph (80.46-160.93 km. The Amphfoil offers 21st century water transport services substantially faster, better and less expensive than any other traditional transport vessel.

The Amphfoil is engineered for versatility in both utilization and construction methodology: one platform, unlimited models, unlimited sizes, unlimited applications.


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The Amphfoil Defined.

Excitement. Adrenaline. Speed


            " To create a craft that combines everything I know about boat design and hydrofoil design, as


             well as apply the greatly under-utilized but immensely powerful physics of surface effect has


             been a dream of mine for almost a decade. It is the apogee of my career and combines my


             passion for naval architecture with aeronautical engineering and my long-time fascination with


             surface effect craft WIGs [Wing in Ground Effect]. The real excitement for me is that the Amphfoil


             has unlimited possibilities. I envision the international coast guard using it for search & rescue


             missions or patrolling the difficult to protect coastal waters. I envision Amphfoil passenger and


             limousine service between New York and Boston, Nice and Genoa, both notorious automobile


             congested corridors whose burden is not eased with planes and trains. I envision private boaters


             using it to get to places like Nantucket and the Bahamas faster, speeding out to distant fishing


             grounds or simply using it to have fun."




                                                                                                                                          ___Walt Schulz



30' Amphfoil Sport 2+2;

trending toward more speed, designed for big thrills


The latest dynamic design from Shannon is the 30' Amphfoil Sport 2+2, engineered on a smaller (30') platform the sport 2+2 is loaded with the same innovative features as the Amphfoil 40, delivers thrilling performance, and accommodates 2-4 passengers


Exclusivity.  Status.  Pure open air sports car-type exhilaration


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