Shannon Exclusive Owners' Club

Buying a new or a used Shannon provides instant membership into one of the most exclusive clubs in the yachting world. One of the reasons why Shannons have achieved more ocean miles per boat than any other company in the industry is the total support philosophy of the people at Shannon. Whether a Shannon is newly built or 35 years old, our Bristol, RI facility is just a phone call or email away to answer all your questions regarding parts, repairs or general maintenance. For buyers of previously owned Shannons, we are the only source that traces the history of the boat and where it has sailed.

At Shannon, we also pride ourselves on providing support so that one of our boats is never held up on a passage anywhere in the world. One previously completed support request involved making a new teak bow platform and shipping it to French Polynesia two weeks after a Shannon was hit by a freighter. Unique in the marine industry today, when owners contact our shop, they actually talk to the people who built and are intimately familiar with every aspect of their boat. The production orders for every Shannon built are on file in our Bristol, RI office and our telephone number has been the same since we started the company in 1975. While many other boat building companies have had a chain of different owners and constantly changing management, including venture capitalists, Walt Schulz was at the helm of Shannon in 1975, and he is still here today.

Also, unlike other boat building companies that offer public relations-oriented rendezvous that are really sales events, Shannon offers informational seminars at our headquarters for all owners and friends of Shannon. Our seminars include diesel engine maintenance, fiberglass and gel coat repair, general maintenance, and “question and answer” sessions. Guest speakers provide information on electronics, sail making and yacht insurance.

Walt Schulz explains diesel engine technology at a recent Shannon Seminar

In addition to company support there is an active Shannon owners’ network. Since every major harbor on the globe has been visited by a Shannon, owners that are cruising to unfamiliar waters are put in contact with other Shannon owners who have experience in that region. The Shannon owners’ network is handled discreetly on a strict permission-first basis. The Shannon owners’ list is totally private and has never been sold or given to third parties. A conversation with a Shannon owner will confirm our claim that being a member in Shannon’s exclusive owners’ club is unparalleled in the international yacht industry.