Restored Shannon Yachts


What makes a yacht new?

Based on historic facts a quality built Shannon fiberglass hull and deck will be strong and seaworthy for 75 years probably much longer. It is only cosmetic gel coat that separates a newly molded Shannon and an older vessel. Since all the interior woodwork on Shannons is glued and screwed (no nails like a production boat) using the highest quality materials it is only cosmetic varnish that makes a vessel “new”. So, it is items like new rig design, sails, rigging, roller furling gear, winches, electronics, autopilot and windless on deck along with engine and transmission, generator pumps, plumbing, electric lighting, toilets, faucets and other equipment that separate a new Shannon from a pre- owned Shannon. Shannon Boat Company’s “Virtually New Program” takes a hull, deck and interior and builds a new Shannon MKII from gel coat to the smallest detail to create a vessel that is “brand new” by every definition of the word for a fraction of the cost.

A 10 year fiberglass hull and deck Warranty, a two year new Shannon Warranty and a New Vessel Survey Certificate are included.

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