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Shannon is the first and only boat builder to target the changing needs of seniors, the fastest growing segment in the marketplace. The critical component necessary to exploit a niche market sales effort is a company demonstrator boat used for promotional purposes. The Shannon Silver Concept is truly a breakthrough in the boat industry and the demo boat must accurately reflect the entire concept…the design, the quality construction, the superior finish work, overall look and the special adaptive features that can be incorporated in the future. For example, if the demo boat only highlights one type of accessibility concern now, then 80% of the potential niche market of those who have other mobility concerns or age issues today will be totally overlooked. The fact that a Silver model can easily be converted at any time in the future to accommodate mobility issues will completely be lost to the buying public and important media coverage.


Shannon Boat Company has been building  demonstrator yachts with mold lease back fee agreements successfully since 1978 for promotional purposes. The recent changes in investment regulations now allow us to make this opportunity available to a wider range of investors. The investment program is basically simple with 100% of the capital investment solely used for demonstrator boat construction and specific mold ownership.  The lease back is a low risk, high return, short term investment  based on fixed tangible assets. Personal use is included in New England and Florida. For more details contact +1 401-253-2441 or simply fill out the form on this site