Walt Schulz gives an overview of Shannon's superior construction methods and the benefits of owning a Shannon sail or power yacht.

Homosote mock-up
Above is a galley/office mock-up we created from Homosote for new owners. It is so much more expedient to get a feel for "real" spacial relationships before the final interior is built.
The interior

the interior is where Shannon differs from every other semi-custom yacht on the market today. Your hull starts out empty. We work with you to create the best interior to suit your needs. Do you have children? If so, how many and how old? Do you entertain guests? Do you prefer two showers or one? Do you navigate below deck or above? Do you want bunk beds or a fireplace? In fact, we measure you. It may sound comical, but we have owners who range in height up to 6'10". We want them to like sleeping in their bunks.

As the owners, you will also enjoy decorating your yacht. We hang fine art below on the bulkheads or we can install bookshelves if you plan to bring ten dozen books. You are in charge of your color schemes, your wood options and finish details. You are in charge of how many racks you want (if any) for your wine glasses. If you want a washer and dryer onboard we will find a place for it. We resolve the thousand compromises to solve domestic dilemmas and personal requirements. As Walt says "If you have a dream, we will find the solution as long as it is safe."


Shannon Owner's Experience

This video illustrates Shannon's unique commissioning and checkout procedure which we have been doing since 1975 beginning with Shannon hull #1. The extensive check-out and technical assistance that Shannon provides to every new owner is imperative for the owners' enjoyment of their new yacht.


The next step in your purchase process is the commissioning of the boat to prepare for your arrival. Although the majority of our owners choose to have their boat commissioned at our facility in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, we have commissioned boats as far away as Florida and Hawaii. We first launch the boat, step the mast, affix the sails and rigging, and then begin several sea trials to ensure flawlessness. When you arrive, we then begin a series of owner workshops which serve to introduce you to every aspect of your yacht. You will be offered docking drills with Walt, electrical lessons with our expert, Mike Drywa, engine mechanics with Luis Couto,

Many of our owners choose to spend a few weeks with us in Rhode Island, taking day trips up the Sakonnet River or overnights to Newport in order to familiarize themselves with their boat and to gain a general comfort level before taking their boat on its first offshore journey. Everyone gets checked out with docking and sail handling drills before a "bon voyage" from Shannon and a christening with blackberry brandy by Walt.

You Join the Shannon Fleet

Walt bids farewell to new Shannon owners with the words, "Take care of my boat". When asked about this distinct goodbye, he said "Owners may think they are buying a boat, but I look at is as a long-term charter." Quite simply, with Shannon, it is very personal. We have the production order for every boat ever built and keep track of our 350 yachts as though they are part of a unique registry. Every owner matters and, that being said, every boat matters, too. You are guaranteed an international world wide support from Shannon that never expires. Shannon's record of having the highest resale value in the industry is reflected by the fact that even second or third owners of a Shannon can call or e-mail the shop for support and parts. Owners keep their Shannons for longer periods and sail more miles than any other yacht on the market. Shannon also provides ongoing owners programs, including seminars and rendezvous. The best built boats in the world has the best custom service as well.

Walt launches every Shannon with a brandy cerermony