The Finest in American Boat Building Since 1975

                      Shannon Boat Company was founded by Walt Schulz in Bristol, Rhode Island in 1975 with the intent to design and build semi-custom sail and power yachts to the highest quality standards. Over the years, Shannon has earned an International reputation for yachts of quality construction, innovation and integrity. No other boat building company in the industry can match Shannon’s record for a stable, continuous management team and a consistent uncompromised standard of quality. Shannon's boat building experience is an unbroken, evolutionary chain from Shannon 38 hull #1 built in 1975 to the present day.  To date, over $170 million worth of Shannon yachts have been delivered to owners worldwide.

19 Broad Common Rd., Bristol, RI
Aerial view of Shannon's 26000 sq. ft. facility

One of three buildings located at 19 Broad Common Rd., Bristol, RI.

Aerial view of Shannon's 26000 sq. foot facility

Shannon has a highly trained team of employees experienced in designing and building yachts, custom molds, tooling and engineering designs for the recreational marine industry, all on site at our 26,000 sq. foot facility located in Bristol, Rhode Island. Shannon specializes in engineering and building yachts to each owner’s special requirements. The key to Shannon’s satisfied  owners group is after the initial CAD layout drawing is approved, Shannon builds a full scale Homesote mock-up in an actual hull so the new owners can get a real-world feel for the layout they have chosen. There are never any disappointments or surprises with the finished boat at Shannon.

Walt Schulz working on a new cabin plan in CAD program
Homosote mockup of a new interior

Walt Schulz designing a new cabin layout in CAD

The Homosote mock-up in a bare hull


Walt Schulz and crew fairing a plug
Shannon constructing a Deck plug

Fairing a plug

Building a deck plug

Walt Schulz and crew examining a  new hull
Landing a deck on a hull at Shannon

Walt Schulz examines a new hull right out of the mold

Landing the deck on a hull



          Walt Schulz and Shannon Boat Company take a very special interest in the needs of disabled people, having formed a nonprofit charity “The Shannon River Marine Heritage Foundation”,  whose mission is to improve the quality of life for veterans and other individuals with disabilities, as well as provide a program to train post 9/11 servicemen and women in the marine industry. For more information


Disabled people out for a ride on Pilar
Disabled people enjoying a ride on Pilar

The Shannon River Marine Heritage Foundation's flagship boat is a replica of Ernest Hemingway's 38 foot sport fishing boat "Pilar" which the crew at Shannon restored and modified with special provisions for safe wheelchair seating and a hydraulic lift for access to the cabin below.  "Pilar's" contribution to SRMHF is to take disabled people out for harbor tours and fishing excursions, and to promote public awareness of those facing the challenge of living daily with disabilities.




Walter Schulz, Founder, President

Naval Architect, boat builder, marine engineering and fabrication, marine repair and upgrade consultant, technical support and consultant, recognized industry and trade speaker

Walt Schulz is President of Shannon Boat Company, the company he founded in 1975 to design and build the Shannon brand of blue-water sail and power yachts. As a hands-on president, Schulz, a naval architect and marine engineer, oversees engineering and production, and participates in the company's sales, technologies, marketing, accounting and administration. After over 4 decades in the marine industry Schulz is a recognized leader and expert. he has written numerous articles that have been published in various yachting magazines over the years, has been a keynote speaker at many trade, professional and community agencies, and provides consulting services for marine related projects. He holds 5 marine related patents, including a "powerboat with improved hull", a first in the industry.  He is currently finishing his first book, a guide to boat ownership and repair, which is expected to be released in late 2017. In 2015 he established a non-profit charity The Shannon River Marine Heritage Foundation with the mission to provide boating and fishing excursions on Shannon built adaptive boats for disabled people. In addition to that, SRMHF will train and hire disabled veterans in the marine industry.


William Ramos, Vice President of Sales

A native of Bristol, RI, Bill started out as a part-time fiberglass production worker for Walter Schulz in 1975. After completing school, his full time employment at Shannon began in 1978. He is a graduate of Brown University and Cornell Law School, and is admitted to practice law before the RI and U.S. District Court Bars. He is responsible for Shannon’s sales and marketing, purchasing, administration, and customer service. During his tenure at the company, Ramos personally has sold over $100 million in new and brokerage Shannons, and has helped to create Shannon Boat Company’s image as one of the world’s premier yacht builders. Ramos is knowledgeable and experienced in all aspect of yacht sales, construction, service, and operations.

Erin Lanza, Managing Director

The daughter of a naval architect, Erin has spent her entire life in the yacht industry. She studied international relations in New York City, Washington, DC, and Switzerland, and design at the New York School of Interior Design and Parsons School of Design. She is a member of the Association of Yacht Sales Professionals and the Rhode Island Marine Trades Association. Erin is in charge of advertising, public relations, boat show organization and customer relationship management. She has been employed at Shannon for 20 years.

Thomas Quinlan, General Manager

Thomas Quinlan is a graduate of Diman Vocational School, Fall River, MA; and started his career as a carpenter/shipwright in the marine industry at Alden/Freedom Yachts. Quinlan has been employed at Shannon since 1979. He was promoted to cabinet shop foreman, Production Manager, and then Vice President in charge of all aspects of construction and personnel at the company. His responsibilities include bringing to reality the creations of Walter Schulz, as well as scheduling Shannon’s manpower and material needs on a day-to-day basis, and supervising the maintenance of the 26,000 square foot production facility and extensive yacht construction equipment and tools. Quinlan also interfaces with all Shannon owners during the construction process, gathering the information necessary for work change orders. He also is Shannon’s best woodworker, personally creating the most detailed cabinetry to finish each yacht.

STec., INC


STec, Inc. (Shannon Techonology, Inc.) is a Delaware corporation and a division of Shannon Boat Company that has a highly skilled team of employees experienced in building custom molds, tooling and engineering designs for the marine and fishing industry.  Located in Bristol, Rhode Island, in the same 26,000 sq. foot building for the past 41 years, STec Inc. conducts  R & D for new products or procedures, builds prototypes, supplies molds, tooling, design, engineering, and fabrication for marine related projects.